The ‘Deep State’ trying to influence the economy

The numbers tell us one story. The economy under President Trump, is booming. But if you turn on cable news, you’d never know it.

You see more and more negative stories about the economy. Some Republicans think it’s a ‘Deep State Economy,’ that the Democrats are in cahoots with the media to paint a bad picture and try to influence the 2020 election. Lone Star College economist Hank Lewis says that is completely possible.

“People could get so worried about something it could create a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Lewis explained. “If enough people believe that, pay off debt, and start spending less money it could turn the economy.”

As for the truth about the economy, Lewis says it's not bad at all. But, it's not all roses either.

“When I look at economic news I see good news and bad news. I see reasons to be happy, and I see reasons for concern,” Lewis said.

But, it’s not the kind of concern you see when you turn on cable news these days.

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