POLL: Ten Commandments in Texas Schools?

An East Texas Republican has re-introduced a bill allowing the Ten Commandments inside school classrooms.

State Rep. Dan Flynn of Van, says teachers should be allowed to put the Ten Commandments in their classroom, just like Halloween, Thanksgiving or any other decorations. 

“You walk into the Supreme Court, the first thing you see is a scroll of the Ten Commandments,” he says.  “You come here to the state capitol of Texas and we have a monument to the Ten Commandments.  It goes back to virtue and integrity, it doesn't have anything to do with religion.”

House Bill 307 would prevent school boards from prohibiting the commandments.

“I'm tired of teachers getting beat up on issues just because they put something in their classroom they think would be a good guideline and instill integrity for young people,” says Flynn.

Even if the measure passes, most legal scholars believe it will be shot down.

“I think it would be good to have a list of ethical guidelines for young people to look at, and let's look it as being displayed instead of whatever the current rock song is, or whoever the current football or basketball hero is,” says Flynn.

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