Border crossings at highest level since 2006

As Democrats try to prevent President Trump from getting the border wall funded, illegal immigration hit its highest number in twelve years.

Last month there were close to 52-thousand border crossings on the southern border alone. We haven't seen a number like that since 2006. Breitbart's Bob Price explains to KTRH why this is happening.

“The cartels have learned that this is a very important cash cow for them,” Price said.

And if you ever needed proof that we need the wall for our border security, what's going on now is all the proof you need.

“Everywhere that a wall has been implemented, crossings have either stopped or at least dropped by 90 percent,” Price explained.

The showdown over funding the wall continues in Washington, with the deadline to either fund it or partially shut the government down coming up a week from tonight.

Agents Patrol Texas Border To Stop Illegal Immigrants From Entering U.S.

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