What kind of impact would a shutdown really have?

The Democrats are talking, again, about a government shutdown. In fact, the deadline is coming up a week from tomorrow.

A shutdown sounds bad, doesn’t it? George Seay, who worked on Rick Perry's Presidential campaign in 2012 says it might sound ominous, but it won't have much of an impact on you, if it has any at all.

“Normal Americans are much more worried about Christmas shopping,” Seay explained. “It has almost no impact whatsoever. I don’t think it affects our lives. I don’t think it impacts us hardly at all.”

And besides, if Trump can get funding for the border wall out of this, even if it means we get a partial shutdown of a few days, it might be worth it.

“With all the people still streaming across the border, the President hit a nerve. He’s right about it,” Seay stated.

In fact, two out of every three Trump supporters told a new poll from Marist they'd support a shutdown if it meant full funding for the wall.


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