Hiring Managers Adapt to Fewer Applicants

Unemployment is 3.7%, a historic low.  Hiring managers are necessarily celebrating.

Businesses are finding that the competitive field of attracting new talent in 2019 means stepping beyond traditional ideas of Ping-Pong tables in the break room, free catered lunches and a yearly bonus.

“They’re moving away from the traditional motivators like perks, salary and days offs and starting to think about how they can intrinsically motivate people by aligning their goals with the actual organization’s goals,” says business and career coach Tracy Timm, founder of the Nth Degree Academy Online.

Millennials say they are looking for a place to work that compliments their personal values and provides an environment where their talents can be respected and flourish.

Trimm says to attract and keep Millennials managers need to identify employee’s core values and goals within their careers.  “And then if you can strategically align those things with what the business is trying to accomplish then you have a super engaged employee who actually comes to work not only for the paycheck but because it means something deeper to them intrinsically.”

Going forward, the most-sought after professionals in 2019, according to hiring firm Robert Half Technologies, will be business intelligence analyst, cloud architect, and cloud systems engineer.

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