Teens don’t trust media either

We all know many adults don’t trust the media. It turns out your kids feel the same way you do.

A new poll shows almost half of all high school students have no faith the media will report things accurately or even fairly. Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak tells KTRH he's surprised, and wonders about the future.

“Do they continue to rely on media for their news? Do they go to other sources> Do they start to trust media over time? We’ll have to see what the future holds,” Mackowiak said.

They may be kids, but even kids can see that the mainstream media has an agenda when it comes to their reporting.

“What was once a pretty clear mission of holding both sides accountable and reporting the facts, has now become basically pursuing an agenda. Most people now see that,” Mackowiak explained.

Kids are also engaging less on social media, with 46 percent of students saying they use social media to get their news. That's down from 51% in 2016.

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