Poll: Many Republicans say minorities favored

Identity politics is something Democrats have used as a weapon for more than a generation. The consequences of that might be bearing out today.

According to new polling six out of seven Republican voters say minorities today are favored over White Americans. Melissa Mackenzie with the American Spectator tells KTRH why we are seeing this.

“They are seeing the consequences of different government policies in their lives. Parents who are trying to get their kids into elite colleges are finding their kids are not favored,” Mackenzie said.

Republican strategist Corbin Casteel says this is not the kind of poll that helps Republicans.

“This is a troubling poll for the party in general. It shows the frustration that is going on in our country and the political divide,” Casteel stated.

The Pew Research Center also found that 87% of Democratic voters said white Americans are favored over minorities.

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