Gas prices keep dropping

Gas prices are at their lowest point of the year. But while there’s less pain at the pump for Houston drivers, we know there’s a tradeoff. And that tradeoff isn’t exactly a positive one.

That tradeoff is the fact that lower gas prices are accompanied by lower oil prices, which means the oil and gas industry may have some tough decisions to make when it comes to jobs. It’s something we saw just a few years ago.

Could we see history repeat itself? David Holt with the Consumer Energy Alliance admits there is some worrying out there.

“There is a certain amount of volatility in the market right now. Jobs in the oil and gas industry will be something we want to watch,” Holt said.

But while there are some nervous people in the oil and gas industry there are also those like Holt that aren't panicking.

“We are going to see cyclical oil prices like we have seen for decades. But the United States, long term, is in the best position in the world for energy and energy production,” Holt explained.

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