POLL: Could 2020 election turn violent?

With the way our political discourse has been going there are some analysts concerned about what we could see during the 2020 campaign.

Those fears include violence; with a prediction that the 2020 campaign could be the most violent in history. Political analyst Debbie Georgatos tells KTRH just how this could all come about.

“You would see perpetual endless protest outside of campaign events,” Georgatos explained. “It is not just a physical protest, but there is the underlying anger that would be expressed.”

And if you think these predictions are just being made to scare you, Georgatos says look at what's going on in France with their protests.

“It shows that it is an international tumult. Part of what is happening there is that people are protesting rising gas prices,” Georgatos said.

Among the other things people in Europe have been protesting about include the immigration problem they have.

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