A Caregiver Robot in Your Future

A Care Giver Robot in Your Future

A robot may be taking care of you in 10  or 20 years. Growing numbers of elderly Americans will be needing care. Researchers believe that robots could be one way to meet the demand.  Psychologist Dr. John Huber says 26% of us are OK with that.

While robots might be able to provide care, are they really the right solution? Dr. Huber points out care-giver robot attributes.

1. Never tires of patients when they are irritable, forgetful or angry.
2. Comes very quickly when you press that call button.
3. Has the same pleasant voice no matter what you are saying.
4. Is run by a computer so it is always aware of your medical chart, your habits, and what kind of jello you prefer.

But isn't this going to cause people to lose their jobs?  Dr. Huber responds, "They have a hard time filling those jobs as it is. When there are even more elderly who need care, many more will go without what they need."

At least there's the chance they will answer the call button faster!

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