We’ve seen some rough days on Wall Street

Wall Street traders don't like the uncertainty of the trade war with China or the Fed putting the brakes on the economy with rising interest rates. Last week was a bad week on Wall Street and yesterday didn't help.

America's Money Answers man Jordan Goodman says it appears we're in a bear market.

"The expectation is that earnings will go down next year; the whole controversy with China seems to be getting worse, not better, we now have a March 1st deadline and it doesn't look likely there will be an agreement, which means tariffs will go up 25%."

Goodman says you can blame President Trump for the China trade war, but not interest rates.

"Well, I think Trump certainly is the cause of the China trade war -- but he's not the cause of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates; he's been telling the Federal Reserve not to raise interest rates."

Goodman says now is a good time for investors to be conservative.

"Sometimes you wanna pull some money out of the markets and be conservative with it; bond prices have been going up and yields going down, so I think it's time to take some money off the table."

Retirement accounts took a beating last week with the Dow losing 4.5%.

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