Houston Firefighters Accept No-Cost Offer from Attorney Buzbee

Houston's mayor is willing to allow the courts decide whether or not firefighters receive a pay raise or not.  Mayor Sylvester Turner's office is rolling the dice that a judge will find the voter-approved Proposition B is preempted by state law.  

The statement comes after high-profile attorney and potential mayoral challenger Tony Buzbee entered the fray.

There should never be a time when our police are suing our firefighters. That should never happen,” Buzbee told reporters Monday.  “There should never be a time when the city orchestrates a lawsuit against itself, which is what it did here, in order to challenge a proper election.”

Buzbee is offering his services free of charge to the fire union to help mediate talks with the city.

The city will have to compromise.  Perhaps the union will have to compromise.  But let's roll up our sleeves and get it done, and end the litigation process,” he added.

The mayor called it a “distraction in an attempt to confuse the issue.” Both sides are due in court Friday.

Litigation instigated by the mayor is not leadership,” said Marty Lancton, president of IAFF Local 341. “We need to fix, not fight.  It is time.

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