Did you hear about the principal of an elementary school in Nebraska who took it upon herself to ban Christmas items at school. On the long list of the prohibited were Santa Claus, the colors red and green, and candy canes, because she claimed the shape is a J…for Jesus.

Now, I’m not so sure of that. Disclosure here: my first regular paying job was as a Santa’s Elf at a shopping center in Austin. We took the photos from a camera hidden in a giant candy stick and then gave the little ones….either crying or smiling…a candy cane present. We learned very quickly that the straight candies broke easily. We switched to the cane shape. There was something about the curve at top that made them stronger. Just physics in this elf’s reason, and a good thing. And it meant we didn’t consume as much broken merchandise ourselves. To this day, I’m a bit grinchy about peppermint.

And that principal? She’s been suspended.

Santa's Helper, Shara Fryer, (above).

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