Shutdown takes center stage again

The country was unified in grief this week for the passing of former President George H.W. Bush. But that was earlier this week. Now, it’s back to politics as usual in Washington.

And that could lead to a shutdown of the government in a couple of weeks. The original deadline for a budget deal tonight, but that was postponed by a vote in Congress. Houston Republican strategist Jessica Colon says Democrats hold the key to getting something done.

“There is no surprise as to what has to be accomplished,” Colon said.

The border wall is the sticking point. And Colon says the issue has been used as a weapon by the left.

“Democrats have switched their talking points on that. They are trying to use it against President Trump, Colon explained adding that years ago, both Presidents Obama and Clinton talked about how bad illegal immigration was for this country.

US President Donald Trump Meets With Congressional Leaders

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