An avatar could be your next job interviewer

Job interviews are already nerve-wrecking enough, so what if you're the only person in the room?

Some companies are moving away from a human interviewer and using artificial intelligence, akin to an avatar, to ask questions and gauge the answer.

Corporate Culture Expert Joshua M. Evans said the problem with AI lies in losing the human interaction.

"Every artificial intelligence is done off of all the algorithms that have been put in before and they don't know how to account for human smirks or human's emotions and the things that we really need to know the kind of people we're going to be working with," said Evans.

He said artificial intelligence loses a lot of the qualities that comes across when humans talk to each other.

"The problem lies in losing the human interaction that can draw authentic answers and get a true feeling for who a candidate really is," said Evans.

He said it'd be practically impossible to eliminate the need for human to human interviews.

Robot Job Interview | GettyImages-924555488

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