Two Texas companies tapped to help NASA get to Mars

NASA chose nine companies to speed up the process in returning to the Moon.

Houston’s Intuitive Machines and an Austin-area start-up are the only Texas-based companies that NASA selected to demonstrate technology on the moon.

NASA will test rovers and experiments exploratory devices on the moon before going to Mars.

Firefly Aerospace VP of business development Leslie Kovacs said winning a contract from NASA gives them a vote of confidence.

“You’re being entrusted essentially with tax payer money. The government is not exactly tolerant of failures. So, we think we’re a perfect solution to launch these small rovers and landers to the surface of the moon,” said Kovacs.

He said agricultural, industrial and computing revolutions are now expanding into space, between the earth and moon.

“It’s going to change the way humanity lives, essentially. And, it’s happening right and Texas companies, to a large degree, are leading that charge,” said Kovacs.

Moon | GettyImages-764888259

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