Software can recognize all your shopping habits

With so many options in real life and online, retailers should know their customer’s loyalty isn’t a sure thing.

In an effort to better serve customers, Inc.’s software “Customer 360” helps companies build a Facebook-style profile of each shopper. Once it captures your cell number, it can immediately share with a retailer what you’ve bought, returned, every advertisement you’ve clicked on and every item you’ve tossed out of your basket before checkout.

Robert Garf, VP of Industry Strategy and Insights for Salesforce retail, said the software is intended to provide companies with a single-view of the customer no matter how, when or where they’re interacting with the brand.

“There's so much competition in the market today. And, so retailers and brands are finding new ways to interact with their consumers by putting them in the center of everything they do," said Garf.

He said during this digital transformation, it’s crucial customers feel they’re a high priority.

"Retailers and brands are looking to provide personalized and relevant interactions across all different touch points, both in the physical and digital world," said Garf.

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