POLL: Is a “kinder, gentler America” possible?

As the country mourns the death of former President George H.W. Bush, we remember the vision he had for a “kinder, gentler America” when he accepted the Republican nomination for President thirty years ago.

Now that he has passed, there are some wondering if that dream died with him. But, Woodlands Congressman Kevin Brady says that dream didn't die, and that a kinder, gentler nation exists in times of crisis.

“When it comes time for this country to come together we do set aside our differences,” Brady told KTRH.

Political scientist Allan Saxe at UT-Arlington says the rhetoric might not be kind and gentle now, but we have seen this before in history.

“There are different eras. Even Bush’s era was pretty rambunctious. It was pretty tough,” Saxe stated.

Political analyst Jacquie Baly agrees with Saxe and says in a year from now, the rhetoric could be very different.

“Well the one thing that politics does is change. Change is inevitable,” Baly said, adding that it's up to not just President Trump to change the tone, but lawmakers in Congress as well if we are to become that kinder, gentler nation President Bush hoped for.

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