PHOTO: Bush To Wear Socks Honoring Navy; Today is National Sock Day

Former President George H.W. Bush will be buried with his socks on.  Long known for his creative fashion accessories, "Bush-41" will be buried wearing socks that pay tribute to his lifetime of service. 

The grey socks are emblazoned with military jets, a nod to his military service in world war two as an 18-year old navy aviator.  Chief of Staff John Sununu told Fox News about his former boss's tendency to wear brightly-colored or festively-patterned socks...

"He created a whole new acceptability for wild and outlandish socks.  I gave him a few pairs and he gave me a few pairs, and I've got them locked away."

Bush family spokesman Jim McGrath says the president's fashion accessories were long overlooked. "I think it was after he started using the wheelchair that we all noticed the socks."

McGrath says Bush was wearing electric-pink socks at the opening of his son's presidential library at SMU in 2013.  "You might have been able to plug your phone in to charge it up; they were that electric."

The Republican National Committee once raised money by selling Bush-style socks embroidered with an elephant and the president's signature.

Bush wore book-themed socks at his wife Barbara's funeral last spring, a tribute to her commitment to literacy.

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