Gig economy is trillion dollar industry and booming

Employers should realize the modern workforce is changing to a gig economy. Businesses need to strategize to compete for the best talent.

Temp jobs aren’t limited to ride sharing, delivery or task drivers—think traditional blue and white collar jobs.

Gig Wage CEO Craig J. Lewis said independent contractors exist in every single industry and are increasing in all employment sectors.

"Over the next 24 months, we'll go from 36 percent of US workers being contractors to north of 50 percent. And, some estimates say by 2027, 60 percent of the US workforce will be some kind of independent contractor," said Lewis.

He said $1.5 trillion was paid out to independent contractors this year.

Contractors have been around this is not only the future, but past and present.

Lewis said Millennials are now the largest workforce, but independent workers is popular in all generations.

"Boomers are trying to supplement their retirement income. Gen Z, they may be professional games or professional YouTubers, but they're being paid as contractors, too," said Lewis.

He said contract laborers are looking for flexibility, two-way communication and transparency in work, project and pay.

And, it doesn't have to be lonely. Some freelancers are immersing themselves into the businesses.

Remote workers can rent space community work places.

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