FORTNITE can Hurt Your Life

FortNite can Hurt Your Life

FortNite Video game is forcing some kids into rehab and some adults into divorce court. Why is FortNite and other games you play on your computer so potentially addictive?  One reason is that you can play them at home on your computer, sitting in a car with your tablet, or at work on your phone. There are no restrictions. Licensed Therapist Shannon Thornton says playing FortNite and many other video games release dopamine in your brain. Dopamine gives us the feeling we have been rewarded!

She says it's especially addictive to those with ADHD. Thornton says parents are just not aware of what is happening neuro-psychologically in the brain when their kids while playing this game - or they would be stricter in setting time limits.  

If you think someone in your family may be forming an addiction like this, 
here are some warning signals.

The player withdraws from social life.They get edgy and angry when they are not playing it a lot.

They build a tolerance to the dopamine hit and tend to “use” more of it.

Adults continue over-playing it even know they know this is not good behavior.


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