Your Smart TV makes You a Target

Coming soon to your TV, interactive ads aimed specifically at you. They'll pop up on your smart TV during a commercial break in cable or dish programming.

LG's Matt Durgin puts a good spin on it.

"You can separate it by geographic region, you can go global with it, you can make it targeted based on user behavior and you can also bring in interactive content -- so you can make that advertisement clickable."

The idea is to use artificial intelligence to figure out when an ad is playing through a cable or satellite box.

Durgin says it'll be good for consumers.

"In the old world, where you have advertisements that are static and just sit there and you have to look at it, now we have a place where you can interact with the advertisement and you can see more relevant advertising, so you won't have to see ads you're not interested in."

Generic ads would be replaced with targeted ones, based on the viewer’s age, gender, and other info.

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