Santa Has to Dig Deeper

Santa May Dig Deeper for your European Car!

My Porsche is Going to Cost WHAT?!?!? 

Your "Santa-Baby" may not be able to meet the bottom line for your new Porsche Mission E.  With proposed tariffs, which may be implemented before Christmas, an extra million may be added to the bottom line.  Dr. Vance Ginn - Senior Economist at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, says the tariffs could reach 25% on European made cars imported to the U.S.  “If some of these vehicles are actually produced by in the United States – they will NOT have an added tariff. But a lot of these cars are made in Europe!” 

So, if you're thinking about buying an imported vehicle, you'd better do it quickly. Ginn says, “It looks like there could be tariffs BEFORE Christmas!”

That could add a wallop to the bottom line of your new Porsche, Audi, BMW or VW W-12.

Christmas present -  BMW

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