Houston mother allegedly drowned, beheaded 5YO son

Houston police have released new information about a local mother accused of stabbing her 5-year-old son, drowning and decapitating him. Then placing his body in the trash can.

Lihui Liu, 43 was taken in and charged with brutally murdering her son in west Houston.

It was Friday night when police got the call about a stabbing in the13800 block of Holly Lynn Lane. Officers arrived and found the body of her 5-year-old son in the garage, on the floor. He was headless and covered by a plastic bag. 

Liu, the child's dad and 13-year-old sibling were all questioned.  The boy's dad said he was alive when he left for work that morning, but when he returned, he had to look for the boy, but couldn't find him, so he questioned the boy's mom, who finally told the father, his son was in the trash can. 

He found and pulled his headless son's body out of the trash can. Authorities also say that during a recorded interview Liu reportedly confessed to police, about drowning her son.

A judge has denied her bond.

Police posted the following on Twitter:

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