Scam on Students' Parents

Scam Targets Parents

Many high school students need help raising their P-SAT and SAT scores.  There are reputable companies that can be of help - but beware a new telephone scam that targets the parents of those kids.  The caller asks for a credit card number to pay for the study materials the student ordered at school that day. Education expert David Dillard of K D College Prep says, “They are targeting the desperate parents of students who, at the last minute, think they may not get into the college they want due to too-low SAT scores.”<PSI_END_OBJECT>

Dillard says if you are prepared by your student's junior year, you won't fall prey to such a call. You should be able to spend your student’s senior year making applications and touring college campuses.   He also says to report any such call to the state attorney general's office. 

Dillard’s advice for Parents of Hopefully College Bound Students

  • Work early. If you want your student’s scores to be the highest they can be – enlist the help of an accredited study aid group before the student takes the P-SAT.
  • Ask your student’s high school (or even jr. high school) Counselor for suggestions of good groups to call.
  • Talk to your student and find out their:
  1. Interest in getting high scores
  2. Commitment level for the advanced study.
  3. Goal for the high score.
  4. Get into college?
  5. Get into a better college?
  6. Qualify for National Merit Scholar?
studying for S.A.T.s

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