PHOTO: Houston Purse Snatcher On the Loose In Memorial, Sugar Land

Recognize this man? Authorities with Harris County Precinct 5 released this sketch of the man wanted for taking purses in broad daylight.

He and a female accomplice are wanted for multiple purse snatchings in the Memorial area. 

He's described as a black male, tight cropped hair, age 20s-30s. The woman wanted is also black. She has long black hair and looks like she's age 20s-30s too.

Deputies say the pair's MOA is to stake out grocery store parking lots, follow purse holders to another location, then steal their purse right out of their hand or from their car.

Recently, an 81YO woman was followed home near I-10 and West Beltway 8. That's where they waited for her to get out of her car, snatched her purse and fled in a late-model, black Dodge Charger with fake paper plates. Surveillance video also has the two wanted, attempting to use the elderly woman's swiped credit card to buy something.

Authorties also say the wanted man followed a female and her two kids from a grocery store parking lot to another business a little further west on Memorial Drive past South Kirkwood.

That time, the woman left her purse in the car, so it was stolen and the guy in the sketch left in a vehicle with the same Dodge description. 

Anyone with information is asked to call 911.

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