Calmer start to the flu season

The Centers for Disease Control report that even though it is the beginning of the flu season, so far it's been a mild one.

The beginning of the flu season hasn't been hard hitting—yet, but we still have until May to go.

Integrative Health & Heart’s Shahan Chowdhury said people have been coming in with flu-like symptoms like body-aches and fever, yet are testing negative for the flu.

She said there haven't been many cases in Texas.

It could be warmer temperatures allowing us to be outside instead of crammed inside together with germs spreading easier.

“It is transmitted through air droplets, so people who are within three feet of each other sneezing, coughing, they can catch the flu virus from those air droplets,” said Chowdhury.

She said the flu vaccine also seems to be a closer match to this year's flu virus strain.

“I think people are getting wiser and they would rather they get the flu shot and prevent spreading it,” said Chowdhury.

She says there's plenty of the vaccine to go around this year.

The CDC is also encouraging the use of the nasal flu vaccine spray which has been improved from last year.

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