What is impacting American life expectancy?

The American life expectancy went down again. Now the question is why that is happening.

Two things seem to be driving this. One of those factors is the suicide rate. Suicides went up 3.7% last year. David Maulsby with Camp Hope says one part of the population impacted most by this are veterans.

“Veteran suicide rates are going up in the younger demographics. People have got to get educated as to what is happening,” Maulsby said.

Deaths from drug overdoses are also going up. Addiction expert Michael Molthan says there's awareness out there, and even some action, but things haven't turned around yet.

“I’m saddened. This is an epidemic that is taking us out by the millions,” Molthan said.

The American life expectancy is now 78.6 years. Japan has the highest at 84.1 years. That's the highest life expectancy in the world.


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