Obamacare enrollment drops

Enrollment for Obamacare plans this year has been underway for four weeks now, and the numbers are not good for those people supporting ACA.

Enrollment is off by about 13% nationally and down 7% in Texas. Part of what is happening with these numbers could have something to do with the lack of financial penalty for people deciding to go without health insurance. But, that’s only part of the issue.

Health care expert Seth Denson told KTRH it’s all about the economy. It’s rolling. Jobs are available. And that’s been having an impact.

“People get health care insurance through their employers now,” Denson said.

And there’s another factor, too. Obamacare isn’t very popular.

“Those that are trying to get Obamacare policies aren’t getting what they want, and unless they qualify for a subsidy they aren’t getting it at a price they want,” Denson explained.

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