Border Security Loopholes

Some of the Central American caravan members are renting other people's kids to exploit loopholes in our porous border security. They're pretending to be "family units" so when they're caught they'll be released into the interior of the United States.

Tom Homan, a former ICE director, told Fox News the whole thing is fraud.

"If these people are really escaping fear and persecution in Honduras, they've already gone through Guatemala, they've gotten into Mexico -- so they don't need to get to the United States. This isn't really about escaping fear and persecution, this is about getting to the United States and taking advantage of loopholes in the system."

Homan says the "zero tolerance" policy, so hated by Democrats, was the right thing to do. He says if we'd stuck to it the caravans wouldn't be at the border.

"That was the right thing to do; regardless of how sad or unfortunate, no one wants to see families separated, but when they separated those people who entered the country illegally and were prosecuted, the numbers went down 22% in just two weeks. If they had stuck with that for 30 or 60 days there wouldn't be a caravan today."

Homeland Security says about 400 "migrants" used other people's kids to get across the border in the nine months prior to October.

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