Scalise: Wall negotiations are underway

We might be getting closer to the border wall President Trump promised when he became a candidate for President in 2015.

If you believe Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, Republicans and Democrats are talking about spending more on the wall.

“There are negotiations going on right now over the end of the year funding, and in just a few weeks, this all comes to a head. So, the Homeland Security Department’s budget expires at the end of November. One of the big negotiations we’re in the middle of right now is over whether or not we can get more money to build the wall. I support that. We ought to do it,” Scalise said on Fox.

This goes along with what RNC Committeeman Robin Armstrong has been hearing.

“They are trying to get something done before giving control over to Nancy Pelosi,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong tells KTRH even Democrats realize they might have to play ball on this.

“They are finding this is not just a political issue. This is a very real issue,” Armstrong stated.

The President says he is "totally willing to shut down the government" if Congress doesn't give him the $5 billion he wants by December 7th.

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