Is the tech boom ending?

Tech stocks have been struggling on Wall Street, leading some analysts to fear the end of the tech boom.

And those who think the bubble is about to burst say it feels a lot like 2000, when we had our last tech bubble burst. That pulled the stock market down and the economy went into a recession. Economist Samuel Rines with Avalon Advisors isn't sure that's what's happening right now.

“Companies are still doing fairly well. There’s no plummeting of demand for iPhones or Microsoft software,” Rines stated.

So then why are some market analysts nervous? Rines says the numbers aren't what they were two years ago.

“There is a slowing of growth. When that happens, it’s reasonable for stocks to decline,” Rines said.

And if you're invested into tech, Rines says you should keep an eye on things, and diversify where you can.

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