We're Number What?!?

We’re Number WHAT?!?!?

Indulgence is one of the greatest parts of the holidays. Don’t you think?  Eating, Drinking, Partying...and WalletHub performed detailed research to rank the 180 wicked cities in the country.  Jill Gonzales of Wallethub has the countdown.

  "Number one is Las Vegas (they call it Sin City, don’t they?)

  Number two is Los Angeles (Hollyweird, you know?)

   Number three is New York (it allows itself to be called by the name of a fruit that represents EVIL in the first book of the Holy Bible)

  Number four is…(drumroll)  HOUSTON!!!”

After completing extensive research each year, Gonzales says the Anger and Hatred category is the most surprising. It keeps rising in occurrences.  They used the 7 deadly sins as their guide.

Not only are we Number Four --- The Bayou City ranked 2nd for the Most Lustful.  They noted all of the Gentlemen’s clubs, Tinder Users and Google searches for um…Adult Entertainment!  It's a pretty interesting study.  You’ll enjoy seeing the results all broken down - it's pretty interesting. Click here to see the study.

Sinful City Sign

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