Gunman opens fire on officer at early morning SWAT scene

A gunman opened fire on a Houston Police officer early Tuesday morning. 

Once they arrived on scene, SWAT and hostage negotiation teams responded just before 2 a.m. on the west side of Houston along the 12300 block of Bellaire at Cook Road.

Local authorities say it all started when a gunman opened fire at a lounge at the address. At least two shots were fired and one man suffered a wound to the neck after being grazed by a bullet.

The suspected gunman managed to flee the first location and headed to another lounge next door.

HPD says that gunman then fired at an officer who shot back. That officer wasn't injured was not injured. 

The gunman was found dead at the scene with a gun in his left hand and had a gun shot wound to the head. It's unclear if the gunshot wound was from an officer or self-inflicted. That gunman was pronounced dead at 5:30am.

Police say most of what happened was caught on camera, including when the officer gave the gunman commands, of which the gunman did not comply.

Stay tuned to KTRH's Houston's Morning News for developing details.

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