Trump, Mexico argue over caravan

President Trump, on Twitter, said he wants Mexico to send the migrants from the caravan trying to get to America back to their home countries. This comes as Mexico says that despite reports, it has reached no deal with the United States over what to do with the migrants.

And under the deal that is being denied, Mexico agreed to keep the migrants seeking asylum here in Mexico while their claims were processed. David Balat, a Republican who ran to replace Ted Poe in Congress, tells KTRH this is just a negotiating ploy from Mexico.

“These guys are experts at destabilizing situations, and that’s what they are doing here,” Balat said.

The migrants say they are seeking asylum, but Balat says this isn't asylum.

“These people are escaping poverty. That is not a category for seeking asylum in the United States. If it were, everyone in the world would be trying to get to this country.

Balat says he has no problem with people wanting to come here in hopes of a better life, but there's a right and wrong way to do it.

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