Koch Brothers Push Lame Duck Congress on DACA

The Koch brothers are urging the lame duck Congress to pass an amnesty bill, believing it's better Republicans do it rather than allow Democrats to take credit.

Their network of libertarian organizations — including the LIBRE Initiative, Freedom Partners, and Americans for Prosperity — sent a letter last week to Congressional leaders.

The billionaire GOP donors are trying to broker a deal that ties a small portion of funding for President Trump's border wall to amnesty for 3.5 million illegal aliens, something that's sure to upset Trump's base.

“We believe the existing laws of the United States are what is needed to be enforced, but they're going to try get an amnesty before Republicans lose control,” says William Gheen with the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC 

Gheen believes the plan will backfire.

“Once amnesty passes, millions of illegal aliens will turn into Democratic voters, giving Democrats full control of the United States government forever more,” he says.

But some conservative Hispanics believe a GOP-amnesty effort could turn Dreamers into Republican voters.

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