It was a bad Thanksgiving for Wall Street

Experts say investors are worried about a trade war with China and the Fed raising interest rates.

Michael Smith with Houston's STA Wealth Management says take a look at the stocks in your 401(k) and see how they did in the past.

"Really understand how volatility has affected your portfolio because we're going to see more of this going forward."

Smith says you may need to make some adjustments to your retirement account.

"Anticipating the Federal Reserve is going to continue to raise rates into next year and the markets factor that in and that's putting pressure on the market."

Smith says investors are spooked by the trade war with China.

"There are two major events that could actually boost the market between now and the end of the year; and that's gonna be the G20 meeting this week in Buenos Aires and what's going to happen with the Chinese and the trade tensions with the U.S."

Smith says things don't look good for ending the trade war. Plus, he says investors are worried about the Fed raising interest rates. Smith says the fed will most likely raise rates in December and continue the trend in 2019.

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