Tis the season for holiday parties

New research finds the top three ways to impress a holiday party guest is with: have your house smell good, get the good quilted toilet paper and buy fresh flowers.

The top 10 things that’ll impress guests

  1. Spraying a fresh scent around the house –60 percent
  2. Lighting scented candles –49 percent
  3. Bringing out the best snacks –43 percent
  4. Doing the laundry –60 percent
  5. Buying fresh flowers –60 percent
  6. Tackling last minute home improvement projects –60 percent
  7. Bringing out the expensive China –60 percent
  8. Splurging for quilted/2-ply toilet paper –60 percent
  9. Ironing the linens
  10. Hiring a professional to clean the home–60 percent

Planning is everything.

Etiquette expert Amber Griffin said once you've made the guest list, try to send out invitations three months ahead of time.

If you have the party catered with passed hors d'oeuvres, rather than a buffet, it takes a lot of stress and anxiety off of the host.

Once the party starts, don't be running around. Have everything (food, drinks, entertainment) in order before guests arrive.

"When the party starts, just make sure you're involved and you're checking in on your guests and making sure that everyone's ok and just being attentive to your guests is very important, making them feel special," said Griffin.

Make your rounds and say hello to everyone, don't spend too much time with one guest, make sure everyone is comfortable.

She said a party isn't a family gathering, so guests shouldn't be distracted by a TV that's on.

Griffin said this is when people will be critiquing your home, so make sure it's clean and it's time to show off your special bathroom towels, soaps and decor.

"It's once a year event, so it's like everyone wants to definitely show off their holiday cheer and decorate their home in the most lavish, lovely way," said Griffin.

When it comes to decorations, Griffin said if the hosts can afford it--go big or go home. However, less can be more. Simple and classy is better than looking like the Griswalds.

Results showed it takes three hours of work to get the average home ready for a guest visit.

Top 10 ways to make your home guest ready

  • Clean the house 85 percent
  • Prepare food 69 percent
  • grocery shopping      67 percent
  • Declutter 58 percent
  • Restock toilet paper in bathroom 54 percent
  • Light scented candles 47 percent
  • Bake delicious treats 45 percent
  • Do the laundry 43 percentBrew fresh coffee 38 percent
  • Put out fresh flowers 27 percent
  • Tackle last minute home improvement projects 24 percent

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