Apparently, Sports and Politics do not mix

Disney says ESPN lost two million subscribers this year and while it's true many Millennials are just not sports fans, and cord-cutting is more popular than ever, some of it is undoubtedly due to ESPN's left-wing politics.

Media critic Jeff McCall says kids have found other things to do than watch football.

"Let's face it a lot of young adults would rather just play video games or browse YouTube for goofy videos than watch a live sporting event."

But Professor McCall says some of it is "social justice warriors."

"If you listen to a lot of their talk show hosts they're really on board with wanting to discuss cultural matters and most sports fans really don't want to hear about culture wars or politics."

Professor McCall says Cable TV, in general, needs to adapt to the streaming era, where many cable packages are seen as expensive and unnecessary.

"So, these big cable companies with their massive packages; they're just going to have to find a way to adapt and they haven't shown much interest in that yet because they have these really big packages all bundled together and there are so many ways to get your content now without bundling."

Professor McCall says cord-cutters are streaming just about everything they want these days and that trend is not going away.

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