POLL: 35% burnt out on Christmas before Christmas; Are You?

It’s only Cyber Monday. The calendar isn’t even into December. But, we are already starting to hear the term ‘Christmas burnout.’

A new poll shows that 35% of you will be burnt out on the Christmas season before Christmas even comes! Therapist Mary Jo Rapini tells KTRH she can understand the burnout completely.

“We are doing everything so much earlier. We all feel a sense of urgency,” Rapini said.

So how do deal with the stress that comes with the Christmas season? Rapini says the first thing you need to do is some thinking; some hard thinking.

“What you have to do is get very clear as to what these holidays mean to you, whether or not you are living them for someone else,” Rapini explained, adding that if you're stressed over money on gifts, then make a list of who you are obligated to buy something for, and who you aren't.

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