Life-Sized Sheriff Warns Drivers to Slow Down

Cut out signs are popping up in Fort Bend County neighborhoods, of a life-size photo of Sheriff Troy Nehls warning drivers to slow down.  

The signs feature Sheriff Nehls along with a young boy holding a puppy, with a yellow and black sign that reads: "SLOW DOWN - CHILDREN &PETS AT PLAY."

Nehls says his deputies can't be everywhere, so he thought this would be a good idea to keep an eye on speeders all over the place.

“It is the number one issue, the number one complaint we receive at the sheriff's office in Fort Bend County, is traffic-related matters like speeding and stop signs,” he says.

“The whole intent of having the sign and having a child with a dog is really to bring awareness.  Some will drive through a neighborhood,they'd look at the sign and I'm hoping they would look down at their speedometer and just slow down a little bit, try to pay attention to their driving and be very responsible.”

Sheriff Nehls only ordered about a dozen of the signs, but says more are likely on the way.

“They've been very well received,” he says.  “We put it out on our social media and we've had several people comment and stated they wanted one of these signs for their own neighborhood.”

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