TSA: Record 25 Million Passengers Over Thanksgiving

With Houston's two airports expecting nearly 200,000 Thanksgiving holiday travelers Wednesday, spokesman Bill Begley urges passengers to be informed, especially about TSA rules, so everyone can get through as quickly as possible.

“TSA.gov has a great page that tells you what you can and cannot put in a carry-on bag, what can be checked,” he says.  “When you get there, have your boarding pass ready.  Have your ID ready.  If you're not PreCheck, be prepared to take your shoes off.”

As of Tuesday, parking was still available at various lots around both Bush and Hobby.  Begley says all this information is available at Fly2Houston.com.

“On there is an update to how much space is available or you can check to see if your flight is on time, confirm the gate,” he says.  “You can also use that tool to see if TSA lines are moving quickly.”

More people are now using ride-sharing companies to get to and from the airport.

“They'll come and pick you up and drop you off at the airport and give you a ride back to your home, so that's an affordable option and a way to get to the airport early,” says Begley.

“Give yourself a couple hours before your flight is due to take off,” he says.  “There are plenty of things to do once you get there, plenty of shopping and dining options.”

Begley says to expect possibly longer delays both Saturday and Sunday as everyone returns home from the holiday weekend.

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