Millennials Lead Holiday Pet Spending

It appears Santa will be visiting plenty of four-legged boys and girls this Christmas.  According to a new report from PwC, the average consumer will spend about $67 on pet gifts this holiday season, with Millennials set to spend a whopping $183 for their pets on average.

For many Millennials who are putting off having kids until later in life, their pets have taken the place of kids.  "I think our pets are a part of our family, and a lot of people consider them their fur babies, and who can blame them," says Lauriston Crockett, pet health expert with The Gift for Life.

Crockett tells KTRH that many people consider holiday gift-buying for their pets money well spent, much like the growing popularity of pet insurance.  "Can you really put a price tag on unconditional love and loyalty," he asks.  "I don't think that you can."

As for what kinds of gifts all of this money is being spent on, they go far beyond Frisbees or chew toys. "Interactive treat launchers for dogs and cats, catnip cage---that's pretty groovy for the cats, heated dog beds, pajamas and sweaters, custom collars, even Christmas bow ties," says Crockett. 

Or, you can get a gift for a human that features a pet, like pictures of a pet made into a Christmas tree ornament, custom shaped pillows of your pet, or even custom pet tags in the shape of the pet.  It all depends on what you’re willing to spend, which for many younger people is a lot.

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