How to keep Christmas trees alive for the next month

While you're out shopping for those last minute Thanksgiving meal fixings, you might notice that Christmas trees are already out.

This year, Christmas trees are in a week earlier. Typically they come in about Thanksgiving.

KTRH's Randy Lemmon said in all the years of having a live tree, all he's done to keep a tree alive, is make a fresh cut at the bottom of the tree and put it in water.

“If you want to keep a Christmas tree healthy in your home, the secret’s water. Fresh cut, it will start absorbing water without fail, and you gotta keep your water basin filled on a daily basis,” said Lemmon.

He said the myths of adding aspirin, sugar, bleach, soda, pennies or even Viagra to the basin water do not work.

“There’s no science and absolutely no research studies that exist to back up any of these things. You can name all the different things and I can tell you that there’s no proof,” said Lemmon.

You can catch Randy Lemmon on Gardenline every weekend 6-10 am on KTRH.

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