Have a look at the Money E-Sports makes

Faceit.com's "E-Sports Championship Series" begins this weekend in Arlington -- with a total prize fund of $3-million -- and some of the players are making as much as seven figures.

Faceit.com co-founder Michele Attisani says they play the team first-person shooter "Counterstrike: Global Offensive."

"When it comes to E-Sports, Counterstrike is definitely one of the top three games globally in terms of reach and viewership and participation levels." 

Attisani says kids today will grow up watching E-Sports players.

"For newer generations now it's normal to follow and watch video games."

Attisani says if you haven't seen this on TV yet, you will.

"We did several events with ESPN and TBS in the past and we're working with NBC Sports so we have a different E-Sports tournament on NBCSN."

The championship series will take place in a $10-million stadium that seats 2,500 and is designed just for E-Sports. Attisani says eight teams will battle in a stadium with a cutting-edge production studio and LED video walls.

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