DHS Monitors Caravan Social Media

The Department of Homeland Security is looking for every advantage in monitoring the migrants from Central America snaking their way northward towards the U.S. border.

Monitoring social media has become part of that game plan.  Some groups are using What’s App to communicate through texts, and that’s probably what led Customs and Border Protection to close down all northbound lanes approaching the San Diego border last Sunday night from 3 to 6 am.  It turned out to be a false alarm and the migrants didn’t show up.

Secretary Kirstjen Neilson says the numbers are a threat.  “The reality is that there are currently over 6,200 individuals camped out south of the U.S. border in Tijuana today.  In Mexicali there are more than 2,000 caravan members.”

According to sources from within DHS, NBC News reports that the agency is also using paid informants to travel with the caravan and report on illegal or suspicious activity.

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