Butterball Turkey Hotline Experts team up with Alexa

Butterball is famous for people picking up the phone to ask their turkey questions...now they're evolving with technology.

Butterball Turkey Talk-Line teamed up with Alexa to provide pre-recorded answers to turkey questions.

A couple of years ago, you could text your question to Butterball.

KPRC's The High Tech Texan, Michael Garfield, said it's the evolution of technology in turkey.

"When you're cooking, your hands are generally full, they're a mess, and so now this is why we use our voice. This is a perfect opportunity or skill, as it's called in the Amazon Alexa lexicon, of how to use this voice-activated assistant for cooking," said Garfield.

He said it just makes sense.

"If you look at the number of households who now have these voice-activated assistants, a lot of them are placed in and around the kitchen area for specific things like this -- cooking tips, or timers, or just asking questions," said Garfield.

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