Black Friday in-store traffic will keep going down

It may not be what it once was, but it is Black Friday, and shoppers both online and at the mall will be looking for deals.

Shopping expert Trae Bodge says if you're part of the group that still wants to fight the traffic at the mall, you'll find a little more elbow room this morning.

“It will be a little bit lighter in terms of the foot traffic in stores. The stores are trying really hard to draw consumers in with lots of in-store events,” Bodge said.

It' all to keep you interested. However the deals are what you're after. But what if you miss out today on that item you had to have? Bodge says there will be other opportunities.

“Black Friday is one of many opportunities that you will have to save,” Bodge explained. “December has a lot of opportunities.”

Bodge says tech is still the big thing for most people this year, and that if you want to save some money, last year's models are still quality, and will cost you less, too.

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