Top Ten Things We Do Before Holiday Guests Arrive

If you're hosting Thanksgiving and letting people stay with you, a new survey looked at how we prepare for holiday guests.  And it found the average person needs about three hours to clean and get their home looking good.

So don't wait until Thursday morning, or you'll be too busy cooking. 

According to the survey, here are the top ten things we do to prepare for holiday guests . . .

1.  Clean your house.  85% of us try to do it before we have guests.

2.  Have plenty of food options, 69%.  Which might include a grocery store trip.

3.  Declutter, 58%.  So instead of just cleaning, you might look around the house and find stuff to put in storage or throw away.

4.  Restock some extra toilet paper in the bathroom, 54%.  The survey also found that EXPENSIVE toilet paper is one of the top things that can "impress" your guests.

5.  Light some scented candles, 47%.

6.  Bake something, like cookies or a pie, 45%.

7.  Get your laundry done, 43%.

8.  Brew some fresh coffee, 38%.  Especially the first morning they're there.

9.  Put out fresh flowers, 27%.

10.  Do a last-minute home improvement project, 24%.  That might just be something small, like fixing a loose doorknob, or changing a light bulb. 


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