Texas lawmaker opposing Pelosi

Time could be running out for Nancy Pelosi. One Texas Congressman says he’s got the votes to make sure we don’t have ‘Speaker’ Pelosi again.

That Congressman is Democrat Filemon Vela from the Brownsville area, who says he has the anti-Pelosi votes. Matthew Wilson, a political scientist at SMU, explains why there's anti-Pelosi sentiment in the Democratic Party.

“Progressives think she is not combative and aggressive enough. Then you have moderates who think Pelosi’s California liberalism doesn’t play well in their districts, and that could be an electoral liability, Wilson said.

But Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar told KTRH that anyone betting against Pelosi is making a big mistake.

“We’ve seen this before in both parties. It’s nothing new. I would say she will be Speaker on January the third,” Cuellar stated.

Pelosi has been the leader of the Democrats in the House since 2002. Of the 17 Democrats publicly opposing Pelosi, the only Texan is Vela.

Nancy Pelosi

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